Carbide Burrs and others

carbide burr

FHONK's Carbide Burr lasts 10 times longer than HSs, perfect for machining various metals including sHRC65 hardened steel, and excels in precision tasks.

cutter head

FHONK's Spiral Cutter Head is engineered for efficiency, requiring less horsepower and producing smaller chips with less noise. Unlike conventional knives, damaged edges can be rotated for continued use, ensuring a longer lifespan. Also our Finger Joint Shaper Cutter is perfect for creating finger joints in woodworking.

Tungsten Carbide Scraper

FHONK's Tungsten Carbide Scraper: Environmentally friendly, highly efficient, and versatile. Perfect for removing paint, glue, grout, rust, and more. Its two/four-edged knives ensure long-lasting use with minimal blade replacements, maximizing efficiency.