Woodworking cutting solution


FHONK provides premium carbide reversible knives for superior finish, quieter operation, finer shavings, and easy maintenance. Custom solutions tailored to your needs.


Radius profile knives are expertly crafted tools for shaping smooth, rounded edges on wood, plastic, and metal. FHONK's precision ensures professional-grade results with every use.


FHONK planer blades, crafted from high-quality HSS or carbide, ensure durability for extended use. Compatible with leading wood planer brands like DeWalt and Delta.


Explore FHONK's carbide insert cutters for woodturning, available in square, round, diamond, and radius square shapes.


Custom profile knives are FHONK's specialty! Found something you like in our catalog. It all begins with a sketch, drawing, or sample of the profile you wish to replicate.


FHONK's high-quality carbide drill bits deliver unparalleled performance in high-temperature machining, effortlessly cutting through a variety of materials while maintaining peak durability and reliability